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The purpose of this film is to give a real face to youth homelessness. Homelessness is uncomfortable to acknowledge. It makes us feel emotions we prefer to avoid and leads us to look past people rather than into them. This film aims to show people that a 17 year old can look like an adult, that the kid ringing up your groceries may not have a home to return to when their shift is over, or that the person you see huddled under a bridge in winter could be a student in your child’s class. 
The women involved in this film’s production had never produced a film before but through individual experiences of their own were determined to shine a light on the youth homeless issue in our community. Each member of this team has spent hours with Child and Family Services, traversing lonely woods and city streets, interviewing young people with no place to call home. From this, their small video project grew into a real documentary and a voice for an invisible population. ‘404 Not Found’ is the result of their collaboration.

Media Coverage

  • New Hampshire Automobile Dealers Association, 404 Not Found Documentary to show

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