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Jasmine Inglesmith started taking “photographs” with her hands sitting in class when she was in the third grade. Since then she has made a name for herself on the seacoast through a wide range of talents that include wedding photography, social media management for local businesses, music videos, and photojournalism. Her photography has been featured in the Portsmouth Herald, The Sound, The Square, and New Hampshire Magazine.



Nancy Phillips has worked in the auto industry for over 25 years. Children’s welfare has been a lifelong focus and an integral part of her business, leading her to co-found, along with the NH Auto Dealers Association, the program ‘Kids and Company’ which was implemented in over half of the state’s elementary schools and was responsible for training hundreds of teachers, social workers and police officers. She has also served as a volunteer and board member for Court Appointed Special Advocates for children and recently formed Cars for CASA, a financial support group for the organization.



Maggie Wallace is a journalist and writer who loves to interview locals from her native New Hampshire. With a dual focus on travel writing and local journalism, Wallace strives to find common ground between ‘away’ and ‘here,’ and to find stories that connect people. Publishers such as Backpacker, The Trek, Matador Network, The Sound, The Square, and New Hampshire Magazine have featured her writing.

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