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Homelessness is uncomfortable to acknowledge. It makes us feel emotions we prefer to avoid and leads us to look past people rather than into them. Meet the youth that have experienced years as homeless teenagers under the radar of their own community.

404 Not Found’ holds double meaning for the youth homeless population in Northern New England's largest city. It is street code for the youth center, a reference to its old address. It also references an internet code for a webpage not found, as these youth are the most difficult homeless population to locate. Whether they are escaping abusive situations, fearful of the foster care system or rejected by their own families, they often hide from those who would help them and those who would hurt them alike. The youth interviewed have all experienced multiple years as homeless teenagers under the radar of their own community.

the film
The facts
The mission


In 2016, the private, nonprofit, Child and Family Services (CFS) of NH, provided day services to more than 3,000 youths. 


On any given night, in the largest city in Northern New England, an estimated 300 teenagers and young adults don't know where they will sleep or when their next meal will come.


Reasons for youth homelessness include abuse, neglect, mental illness, substance use, strained relationships, gender or sexual identity, and poverty. 


There is currently no overnight shelter in New Hampshire available for these young people.




The mission of this film is to raise individual awareness about youth homelessness in New Hampshire, and community consciousness about the plight of homeless youth.

The women who made this film hope you will be informed, enlightened, and inspired to take action—whether in the way you talk, think, vote, educate, advocate, perceive others, work, or give—as part of the movement to end youth homelessness in New Hampshire.

The producers of this project worked in partnership with the private nonprofit, Child and Family Services of NH, the longest standing human service and children’s charitable organization in New Hampshire. 

To help end youth homelessness in NH contact:

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